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307, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Hiroshima City


畠中 彩




[Comment from the artist]

I have created a series of works based on the theme of 'fulfilled solitude'. This is expressed mainly in the form of blurred everyday scenes and the silhouette of a black dog.
The word I chose for the title "Xanadu" means 'Shangri-La' and has been used in various fields to date. The word appears in a new series of films I have recently started, which draws on black-and-white films from the 1940s for inspiration. The castle named Xanadu, which appears in the film, is depicted as a place where the protagonist, in his last days of glory, thinks about his loneliness and what he could not have.
For me, who has been living in a new environment since the spring, the new residence has become a complex place of mixed feelings of happiness and emptiness over time, and I have gradually come to have a different perspective on the themes I have been dealing with. What kind of landscape unfolds before your eyes when your body and mind are satisfied and not dependent on anything else?
We hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as possible.

Hatanaka Aya

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