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307, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Hiroshima City


View of the solo exhibition by NAHOKO YOSHIDA at Le Mette gallery Hiroshima, 2024. ©2024 Adeline Le Mette All Rights Reserved.

吉田 奈保子




[Comment from the artist]

I dream a lot. Sometimes they are good dreams, sometimes they are dreams that I don't understand. I forget most of the dreams I have.

I used to draw nightmares as my subject matter, but recently I have been using a collage of drawings and text (water-based woodblock prints) to express the feeling of losing track of the boundary between reality and unreality when dreaming, which is my theme.

One theory says that we dream to organise our memories, but despite a great deal of research, the reason for this remains unclear. Because of the mystery of the human body and the fact that sleep is very important to me, 'dreams' have always been an interesting theme for me.
I also love the shapes of kanji and hiragana, and find fonts, signage characters and typefaces very fascinating. In Japan, there has long been a unique form of expression called 'reed-lettering', which I was shocked when I discovered its existence.
Since then, I have been thinking about the expression of letters and drawing and creating artworks.

I would like to continue to express the complexity of drawing and writing, and I hope that you will continue to see my future works."

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