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307, 1-2-26, Otemachi, Hiroshima


大島 愛




Ai Oshima's solo exhibition [Pause] has now ended successfully. We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come to the exhibition in the heavy rain and from afar.
[Comments from the artists]
Pause ... Pause, interruption, break, interval, pause, silence, pause, ponder, hesitate.

 Having studied sculpture and film to some extent, I have recently come to feel that the medium of painting is a "dense pause". It seems as if I am capturing a single moment in time, but there is always more or less time before and after, and there is always a sense of subtle wavering.

 This is my first solo exhibition in Hiroshima. For more than ten years, portraits have been the mainstay of my work. For this exhibition, I have chosen works that suit the space of the L Gallery, and I would like to re-compose them.

 I hope that this exhibition will be a good "break" for someone who has been forced to "pause" many times over the years.

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