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307, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Hiroshima City


藤田 薫




[Comment from the artist]

I create works with the human body, mainly the back, as the theme. I try to visualize the changes and differences that arise in the relationship between people, such ambiguous and incomprehensible things, using the back, which one cannot see. And in the midst of such changes, I express the way things spill out and transform by combining it with various motifs. Is your back, someone else's back, or someone else's back a mirror that reflects yourself? The back is a place that is difficult to pay attention to, and where emotions are unconsciously expressed. In addition, I mainly create three-dimensional works using the dry lacquer technique, which uses lacquer, and combine it with other materials. I also paint my two-dimensional works with lacquer (colored lacquer), and depending on the work, I use shells, metal powder, etc.

Kaoru Fujita

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