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Hiroshima City Otemachi 1-1-26 307

KINOU MITA YUME - Yesterday's dream -



KINOU MITA YUME - Yesterday's dream -


[Comment from the artist]

"I create works based on the theme of 'dreams and reality when we sleep.'

Even though dreams are made up of only one's memories and experiences, they contain a space that is different from reality.

Feeling a strange comfort in the dream world that only I can see, I have a desire not to escape from it, and I try to express this through my paintings.

"Recently, I have become interested in the body that is left behind when we are dreaming, and in addition to my usual main motif of futons, I have begun creating works that consist of dolls that imitate the body when we are sleeping.

I hope you will take a look."

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