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Hiroshima City Otemachi 1-1-26 307

HOKORA - Small shrine -

南 昌伸


HOKORA - Small shrine -


[Comment from the artist]

The theme of this exhibition is "Shrine".

Shrine is a part of people's daily lives in any era, and it is a place of refuge that purifies and exorcises the thoughts and wishes of those who visit, and reflects a new mood in their hearts.

While thinking about what can be seen and what cannot be seen beyond the barrier of the "Shrine", this time it was an attempt to incorporate the oxidation of metals, which is difficult to control, into the work.

Many metals oxidize through chemical reactions and produce unique colors (oxides and rust). Since ancient times, the world of metal crafts has used this oxidation to protect the surface and at the same time transform it into beauty.
Oxidation occurs under various conditions, such as by applying a flame to metal to raise its temperature or by reacting it with a reagent. It can be like a stain that hides the original color of the metal, but as the process progresses, it also reveals beautiful colors and expressions. The mysterious charm of the dramatic transformation of a metal color that appears uniform must have inspired the inquisitive minds of our predecessors.
We hope you will come and take a look.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you please refrain from overdoing it.
Minami Masanobu

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