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307, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Hiroshima City


浅野 堅一




[Comment from the artist]
Since last year, I have been fed up with the news about the new coronavirus, so I have started to focus on photographing flowers, which are simply beautiful and help to change my mood.
I have not taken many photos of flowers as works of art until now, but I thought that flowers are still necessary in a world that is so fed up with them, so I decided to create a work of flowers.
There are wonderful works of flowers by Irving Penn and Robert Mapplethorpe, but I was also interested in what kind of works I could create myself.
I created this work as a flower work for the digital age. Inspired by a technique called solarization, which has been around since the days of film, I captured the colors and shapes of flowers that remain on the sensor of a digital camera and cannot be seen with the naked eye as a vision (illusion).
I hope many people will come to see it.

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