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2nd floor, 2-10-8 Shimoishi, Okayama City

Edi DUBIEN Solo Exhibition

View of the solo exhibition by EDI DUBIEN at Le Mette Adeline Okayama, 2024. ©2024 Adeline Le Mette All Rights Reserved.



Edi DUBIEN Solo Exhibition


Edi Dubien is an artist based in Vendôme.
His work is in the collections of the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, Centre Georges Pompidou and the Museum of Hunting and Natural History in Paris.
His work has been exhibited in Moscow, Barcelona, Paris, London, San Francisco, New York, South Korea and Taiwan, making him one of the most notable emerging artists.

Edi Dubien explores the complex relationship between human emotions and the natural world.
His art evokes emotions that reverberate in the viewer's mind, expressing joy and solace through our interaction with nature.
Dubien's work is a mirror of our soul and a silent plea for our connection with nature.

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