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Hiroshima City Otemachi 1-1-26 307


Caori FUJITA Rambutan ©2024 Caori Fujita

藤田 薫




"It create works on the theme of the human body, mainly the back.

She try to visualize the changes and differences that arise in relationships between people, and such ambiguous and incomprehensible things, using the back, which we cannot see ourselves.

By accumulating various experiences, we bear fruit, accumulate many things, and sometimes lose them. I feel that these things are often difficult to see for ourselves and are often found by others. The back is a part that is difficult to pay attention to, and where emotions are expressed unconsciously.

In recent years, She has been creating works that express changes in the inside and outside, as well as works using plastic sculptures, and plants that bear fruit. She chose the word "cover," which protects the inside and serves as a barrier between the inside and the outside, as the title of this solo exhibition.

In addition, for her three-dimensional works, She create plaster molds from prototypes made using plastic (water clay), and mainly use the dry lacquer technique, which uses lacquer on the molds, and combine them with other materials. I also paint her two-dimensional works with lacquer (colored lacquer), and in some works She use metal powder and foil.

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