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2nd floor, 2-10-8 Shimoishi, Okayama City




On September 23, 2022, the public art lounge "Le Metté Adeline" will open in the large complex "Mori no Machi Grace Mori no Machi Plaza" located in the center of Okayama City.

This lounge will introduce promising young artists across a range of fields and connect various people such as artists, collectors, students, and local people. By discovering artists active in the Setouchi area, where they are active, and disseminating their work widely both domestically and internationally, we will foster the art culture of Okayama.

In addition, as a public space dedicated to art, we designed a space where the works will gradually seep into the life of the local community while taking advantage of the charm of the town of forests, where jobs, homes, and businesses come together.

The design and art direction of the art lounge will be handled by Sandwich, whose director is Kohei Nawa. In addition, as an opening commemorative project, an exhibition of works by young artists from Kyoto organized by Sandwich will be held.

A space that explores new possibilities for the region and art is now starting to move.

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