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Emerging artists from Kyoto First half 2023.5.9 tue - 5.18 thu Yui Samejima, Yukino Yamanaka, Masaharu Shinsho, Haru Osawa, Yoshihiro Takeuchi Late 2023.5.23 tue - 6.1 thu Takeo Takao, Yui Samejima, Junki Fujimoto, Kensai Shiraishi Open 13:00 - 19:00 Close 5.19 - 22


Time & Location

May 23, 2023, 5:00 PM – Jun 01, 2023, 7:00 PM

L GALLERY - Creative Art Space, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Naka ward, Otemachi first building Number 307 (3rd floor) 730-0051 Hiroshima City

About the event


Emerging artists from Kyoto


From May 9th to June 1st, L Gallery will exhibit works by young contemporary artists from Kyoto over two exhibition periods: the first half and the second half.


In the first half of the exhibition, you can see works created by five artists, Shinshoharu, Yukino Yamanaka, Baru Osawa, Yoshihiro Takeuchi, and Yui Samejima, using their unique perspectives and techniques. Their works stand at the intersection of tradition and modernity, combining strength and delicacy to create new aesthetic experiences.

The second half of the exhibition will feature works by four other talented artists: Kasai Shiraishi, Takeo Takao, Junki Fujimoto, and Yui Samejima. Through a variety of expression methods and media, they sharply depict the complexity of modern society and the inner world of individuals. Their works leave a deep impression on viewers and open up new perspectives.


'Spectrum - Emerging Artists of Kyoto' will be the first attempt in Hiroshima where the creativity and passion of young artists from Kyoto intersect. Various genres and approaches will come together to explore the possibilities of art. We invite you to come and experience the works of talented artists who will shape the future of the art scene on this occasion and hopefully feel the vitality of contemporary art.

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