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Akira SANO solo exhibition "Ethos_labe"

Akira SANO solo exhibition

Akira SANO solo exhibition "Ethos_labe"
Akira SANO solo exhibition "Ethos_labe"

Time & Location

Jun 27, 2023, 1:00 PM – Jul 02, 2023, 7:00 PM

L GALLERY - Creative Art Space, 1-1-26 Otemachi, Naka ward, Otemachi first building Number 307 (3rd floor) 730-0051 Hiroshima City

About the event

|Artist statement|


"This exhibition utilizes urban three-dimensional data shared on the internet as raw material, and the artist creates works based on the character and culture experienced when visiting those places. The title '氣韻 (qìyùn)' is derived from the ancient Chinese art theory, specifically from one of the 'Six Principles of Painting' found in the 'Catalog of Ancient Paintings,' which is '気韻生動 (qìyùn shēngdòng)' roughly translated as 'vitality of spirit.' The exhibition aims to observe and capture the dignity, elegance, and spiritual vitality found in cities, creating a collection of specimens.

Furthermore, the '可塑仮晶 (kěsù kǎshōu)' series in this exhibition expresses the idea that the geometric forms of cities and the essence of life can overlap when presented in a mineral specimen-like form. '可塑 (kěsù)' or 'Plasticity' represents flexibility and the ability to reshape things, while '仮晶 (kǎshōu)' or 'Pseudomorph' refers to a mineral crystal whose form remains intact while its contents change into another mineral.

Cities we live in transform their essence gradually but surely, much like minerals change over time. This series aspires to capture the '氣韻 (qìyùn)' of the city and its memories, and when it has marked time much like real minerals, it idealizes the resurgence and movement of that spirit within the city."


- Akira SANO

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